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Forescout Technologies specializes in network security and visibility solutions. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California. With over two decades of experience, Forescout has established itself as a trusted provider of innovative software and hardware solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Forescout offers a range of software and hardware products designed to enhance network security and visibility. Their flagship product, Forescout CounterACT, is a comprehensive network access control solution that helps organizations identify and mitigate security risks. Additionally, Forescout offers a variety of software modules and extensions that can be integrated with CounterACT to provide advanced threat intelligence, device compliance, and network segmentation capabilities. In terms of hardware, Forescout provides a range of physical and virtual appliances that enable organizations to deploy their solutions in a flexible and scalable manner.

Forescout Technologies specializes in various technology types to address the evolving needs of modern IT environments. They have extensive expertise in network security, particularly in the areas of device visibility, access control, and threat detection. Forescout's solutions are designed to support a wide range of network infrastructure, including wired, wireless, and virtual environments. Moreover, the company has a strong focus on IoT (Internet of Things) security, helping organizations secure and manage the growing number of connected devices within their networks. With their deep understanding of network security and their commitment to innovation, Forescout Technologies is well-positioned to meet the complex technology challenges faced by organizations today.

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