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Hyland specializes in providing innovative software solutions for businesses. Hyland was founded in 1991 and has grown to become a global company with offices in over 30 countries. With a strong focus on helping organizations streamline their processes and improve productivity, Hyland has established itself as a trusted partner in the IT industry.

Hyland offers a wide range of software and hardware solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. Their flagship product, OnBase, is an enterprise content management (ECM) platform that enables organizations to capture, manage, and store their critical business information in a secure and centralized repository. In addition to ECM, Hyland also provides solutions for document management, case management, records management, and workflow automation. Their software offerings are known for their flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, making them suitable for organizations of all sizes.

As a technology-focused company, Hyland specializes in various types of technologies that are essential for modern businesses. They have expertise in cloud computing, enabling organizations to leverage the power of the cloud for their document management and content services. Hyland also specializes in mobile technology, providing mobile applications that allow users to access and interact with their business information on the go. Furthermore, they have a strong focus on data security and compliance, ensuring that their software solutions meet the highest standards of data protection and regulatory requirements. With their extensive knowledge and experience in these technology types, Hyland is well-equipped to address the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age.

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