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Intel is among the leading providers of processors. Besides producing industry trusted processors, Intel is also driven in coming up with computing innovations that powers the latest devices and the cloud. It is also part of Intel’s thrusts to drive policy, diversity, sustainability and education in the world of information technology.

Intel’s other products include Boards, Chipsets, Solid-State Drivers, Server Products Networking and Communications, and Wireless technologies. In 2015, Intel’s featured solutions include Intel® RealSense™ Technology, True Key by Intel Security, and Intel Wireless Display. Coming soon are Intel Wireless Charging and the Intel Wireless Docking which both ease the pain that comes with bringing various cords for a myriad of handheld technologies an individual owns.

Most products with Intel Inside are Personal Computers and Devices, Mini PC, Wearables, Internet of Things, Enterprise Systems, Storage Solutions, and Education Products. Intel caters to industries including Automotive, Communications, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial, and Retails.

Intel is physically located in Santa Clara, California and has several more offices all over USA and globally.


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