Interactive Intelligence is a provider of software and cloud services for Customer Engagement, Unified Communications (UC) and Collaborations, Business Process Automation, and Collections.

Particularly, the tools provided by Interactive Intelligence in the area of Customer Engagement solution are Customer Interaction (an on-premises contact center), CaaS (a single tenant cloud contact center), PureCloud Engage (a multi-tenant cloud contact center), and Interaction Decisions (a contact center strategic planning).

In terms of Unified Communications and Collaborations solutions, Interactive Intelligence provides tools such as on-premises communications, namely PureCloud Collaborate and a Customer Interaction Center for UC. They also have an in the Cloud communications, the PureCloud Communicate.

In the area of Business Process Automation, Interactive Intelligence has the tool called Interaction Process Automation while in Collections, it has the Interaction Collector.

Two thousand plus Interactive Intelligence employees worldwide cater to industries including Accounts Receivable Management, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Outsourcers, Retail, and Utilities.

It has more than 6000 customer deployments worldwide and approximately 400 resellers in 60 countries. The Interactive Intelligence global headquarters is in Indianapolis, U.S.A. plus over 35 more offices all around the globe.

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