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Juniper Networks is the industry leader in network innovation. It provides network to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services that most businesses rely on.

As their customer base expands by working with the largest service providers and some of the largest, most influential enterprise customers in the world, one thing remains the same: They are constantly focused on understanding their customers’ needs, which enables them to dig in and solve the hardest problems they face—problems that others can’t, or won’t, approach.

They strive for solutions that give their customers true advantage over their competition, whether that’s bringing new, revenue-generating services to market in minutes instead of months, reducing network costs, enabling smarter, more efficient business processes, providing security and protection for their most valuable assets, or delivering a richer end-user experience. Whatever the challenge, each and every day their customers set out to build the best possible networks for their businesses. Juniper Networks helps them do just that.

The world’s biggest and busiest wired and wireless carriers, cable and satellite operators, content and Internet service providers, and cloud and data center providers run on Juniper Networks. So do major banks and other global financial services organizations, the world’s top 10 telecom companies, national government agencies and U.S. federal organizations, healthcare and educational institutions, and energy and utility companies.


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