LANSA makes advanced software simple. We do this by taking care of the underlying complex and constantly changing technologies. This enables IT professionals to focus on the business problems that need solving and rapidly produce high quality software.

LANSA is the only platform that offers a combination of professional low-code rapid application development, integration and modernization technologies. By simplifying the creation, delivery, integration and maintenance of business systems, LANSA customers can more quickly react to business needs and produce innovative and durable IT solutions.

Over 8,000 businesses around the world use LANSA to develop, maintain and integrate their business applications faster and better. LANSA has a 30-year track record of enabling customers to magnify the ROI of their IT spend. While most other development and integration tools have come and gone over the years, LANSA customers have easily transitioned their applications into new technologies.

LANSA has office across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. R&D headquarter is in Sydney, Australia


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