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LANSA specializes in providing software solutions to businesses. Founded in 1987, LANSA has been a trusted name in the industry for over three decades. LANSA has expanded its operations globally, serving clients across various industries.

LANSA software offerings include:

  • A low-code application development tool for professional developers (across platforms)
  • Software modernization solutions (specifically for IBM i)
  • Integration software (across platforms)
  • Business Intelligence (across platforms)

These software "tools" enable businesses to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and improve customer experiences.

LANSA specializes in various technology areas. They have expertise in application development, offering low-code tools and frameworks that enable businesses to create robust and scalable applications. LANSA also specializes in modernization solutions, helping businesses transform their legacy systems into modern, web-based applications. Furthermore, LANSA has a strong focus on integration technology, allowing businesses to seamlessly connect different systems and applications for efficient data exchange and process automation. Last but not least, LANSA offers a Business Intelligence solution that includes embedded analytics, natural language queries (NLQ), dashboards and more.

With their extensive knowledge and experience, LANSA is well-equipped to assist businesses in leveraging the latest technologies to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

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Lansa provides products & solutions in the following technology categories.