Micro Focus supports the tactical and strategic business requirements of customers and partners, through providing innovative solutions, software products and exceptional service.

The solutions which Micro Focus provides are for Visual COBOL, Mainframe Solution, Terminal Emulation, Testing and software Delivery, and CORBA Solutions.

Meanwhile, the products which Micro Focus offers include Enterprise-IBM Mainframe Application Modernization, Enterprise Analyzer-Application Portfolio Management and Analysis, Visual COBOL-COBOL Software Development Tools, Rumba-User Interface Modernization and Terminal Emulation, and CORBA-Middleware and Application Server.

Founded in 1976, Micro Focus now employs over 4000 staff in over 100 global locations. Micro Focus caters to 20,000 customers including the 91 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

Micro Focus has offices throughout the world with headquarters in Berkshire, United Kingdom and in Maryland, United States.

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