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Mimecast specializes in email and data security solutions. Founded in 2003, Mimecast has established itself as a trusted provider of cloud-based services to organizations worldwide. Mimecast has expanded its operations globally, serving customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Mimecast offers a comprehensive range of software and hardware solutions designed to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data breaches. Their flagship product, Mimecast Email Security, provides advanced threat protection, secure email gateways, and data loss prevention capabilities. Additionally, Mimecast offers solutions for email archiving, continuity, and compliance, ensuring that organizations can securely manage their email communications and meet regulatory requirements.

As an IT vendor, Mimecast specializes in various technology types to deliver robust and effective solutions to their customers. They have expertise in cloud computing, leveraging the power of the cloud to provide scalable and flexible services. Mimecast also focuses on email security, utilizing advanced threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and block sophisticated email attacks. Furthermore, they specialize in data protection and archiving, helping organizations safeguard their critical information and meet data retention policies. With their deep understanding of these technology types, Mimecast is able to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to address the evolving challenges of the digital landscape.

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