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Mulesoft specializes in providing integration software and services. The company was founded in 2006. With a mission to connect the world's applications, data, and devices, Mulesoft has become a leading provider of integration solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Mulesoft offers a range of software and hardware solutions designed to enable seamless integration and connectivity between different systems and applications. Their flagship product, Anypoint Platform, is a comprehensive integration platform that allows organizations to connect and integrate various applications, data sources, and devices. Additionally, Mulesoft provides API management tools, data integration software, and messaging systems to help businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

As a technology-focused company, Mulesoft specializes in various technology types to meet the diverse needs of their customers. They have expertise in application programming interfaces (APIs), cloud integration, data integration, and enterprise messaging. Mulesoft's solutions are designed to work with a wide range of technologies, including popular programming languages, databases, and cloud platforms. By specializing in these technology types, Mulesoft ensures that their customers can achieve seamless integration and connectivity across their entire IT infrastructure.

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