Nasuni® is a file storage platform built for the cloud, powered by the world’s only global file system. Nasuni consolidates network attached storage (NAS) and file server silos in cloud storage, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance, all at half the cost of traditional file infrastructures. Enterprise customers use the Nasuni software-as-a-service platform for NAS consolidation; backup and recovery modernization; multi-site file sharing; and rapid, infrastructure-free disaster recovery, while also serving as a foundation for data analytics and multi-cloud IT initiatives.

Leading companies from a wide-array of industries rely on Nasuni to enhance workforce productivity, reduce IT cost and complexity, and maximize the business value of their unstructured data.

Benefits of Modernizing Your File Infrastructure with Nasuni

• Eliminate inefficient capacity allocation across sites, NAS and file server refreshes

• Eliminate file backups and backup software maintenance, hardware, and media costs, as well as the operational costs of managing backups.

• Restore access to file data in minutes after malware, Ransomware, accidental deletions, or major disasters

• Enable file sharing across multi-site users easily

• Centralize management of multiple sites

• Restore user files in minutes

• Reduce infrastructure costs and simplify management

• Enable consistent data protection and DR strategy for multiple sites

• Eliminate dedicated DR sites and the associated costs of hardware, replication, and backup.

• Reduce MPLS, DFSR, and WAN acceleration costs needed for cross-office file access.

• Increase business productivity with multi-site file sharing and global file lock capabilities.

• Accelerate product time-to-market and project completion by streamlining product life cycle management (PLM), business information model (BIM), and creative workflows.

• Streamline integration of acquired companies by quickly ingesting new file data and giving acquired offices instant access to parent data.

• Enable remote workers


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