Nuance is the provider of the highest functioning speech software in the world. It is focused on developing the most human, natural, and intuitive ways to use voice in taking command of information.

Nuance is also devoted in perfecting the ability for machines to recognize and emulate the human voice; it designs and delivers technologies that intuitively link man, machine and the global storehouse of knowledge to help companies and consumers work seamlessly and intelligently with the world.

Nuance provides products for users, for businesses and for those in the healthcare industry. Among the business products it provides are customer service solutions; print, capture and PDF solutions; mobile and automotive solutions; and productivity and accessibility solutions.

Its healthcare products and services are primarily to improve patient care with complete, compliant, and cost-effective clinical documentation. These products are essential in areas such as clinical narrative capture; diagnostic imaging; CDI, quality and coding; and the government sector.

There are approximately 14,000 employees affiliated with Nuance. It has regional offices in 35 countries with its international headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland and its worldwide headquarters located in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Visit the Nuance company website to know more about their products and solutions.


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