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Nutanix specializes in providing innovative software and hardware solutions for businesses. Founded in 2009, Nutanix has quickly established itself as a pioneer in the field of hyperconverged infrastructure. Nutanix has a global presence and serves customers in over 150 countries.

Nutanix offers a comprehensive range of software and hardware products designed to simplify and streamline IT operations. Their flagship product, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, combines storage, compute, and virtualization into a single, integrated solution. This hyperconverged infrastructure solution eliminates the need for separate servers, storage arrays, and virtualization software, resulting in reduced complexity and improved scalability. Nutanix also provides software-defined networking solutions, data protection and disaster recovery solutions, as well as cloud management and automation tools.

Nutanix specializes in various technology types that are crucial for modern businesses. They excel in hyperconverged infrastructure, enabling organizations to consolidate their IT infrastructure and achieve greater efficiency. Nutanix also has expertise in software-defined networking, allowing businesses to build agile and scalable networks. Additionally, they have a strong focus on cloud computing and offer solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With their deep understanding of these technologies, Nutanix is able to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to embrace digital transformation and drive innovation.

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