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As Japan’s pioneering manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, OKI got its start in 1881 when founder Kibataro Oki manufactured Japan’s first telephone. Since then, its spirit of proactively tackling the challenges of new frontiers has been documented and handed down to this day. The OKI corporate philosophy, captured in the words: The people of OKI, true to the company’s enterprising spirit,’ are committed to creating superior network solutions and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age.

The OKI Group helps people around the world lead more comfortable and richer lives based on the philosophy and through sound business activities implemented in accordance with both common sense and applicable laws and regulations. Based on these philosophies and ideas, and as a company that supports social infrastructural development, OKI will quickly grasp the needs of the market and provide products that satisfy customers. In the ICT field, they use IoT as drivers of change and create new businesses, as well as providing various products to support social infrastructural development. They aim to become “IoT OKI” by business-specific applications and “co-creation”, utilizing the strength acquired by fusing their three technologies: sensor, network and data processing. In the printers business, they are utilizing the strengths of their LED technology to expand globally with office printers, and industry printers for the design, retail and medical industries. In the EMS business, they utilize OKI’s total Mono-zukuri (manufacturing) power to provide design and manufacturing services to a market that requires high quality and reliability.

Based on their characteristic technology, they accelerate “co-creation” with their customers and partners who are strong in their industries, utilizing open innovation to incorporate new business know-how and technologies, while proactively planning business expansion.

By delivering security and peace of mind to people around the world and realizing the visions and hopes of all their stakeholders, OKI is committed to serving as a trusted global partner for customers around the world based on their brand statement: “Open up your dreams.”


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