Pernixdata optimizes storage for virtualized environments. By decoupling strategic storage performance and management functions from the underlying storage hardware, the PernixData software maximizes application performance, delivers predictable scale-out growth, and minimizes storage costs.

PernixData builds software which overcomes common data center problems such as I/O bottlenecks that hamper application performance, and the replacement of strategic data center planning with a reactive and tactical decision making.

Particularly, the software PernixData provides includes the the leading software platform for server-side, scale-out storage acceleration called the PernixData FVP and the PernixData Architect, a comprehensive software platform for data center design, deployment, operations and optimization.

PernixData was founded by virtualization and storage experts and backed by industry luminaries in the software space. It is headquartered in San Jose, California and has sales offices throughout the world.

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