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Precisely specializes in providing data integrity and integration solutions. Founded in 2020, the company is relatively new but has quickly gained recognition for its innovative software and hardware offerings.

Precisely offers a range of software and hardware solutions designed to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and integration across various platforms. Their software products include data quality management tools, data integration software, and data governance solutions. These tools enable organizations to cleanse, validate, and integrate their data, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. Additionally, Precisely offers hardware solutions such as data integration appliances and data replication devices, which facilitate seamless data integration and replication processes.

With a focus on data integrity and integration, Precisely specializes in various technology types. They excel in data quality management, providing tools and expertise to help organizations maintain clean and accurate data. They also specialize in data integration, offering solutions that enable seamless data movement and synchronization between different systems and platforms. Furthermore, Precisely has expertise in data governance, assisting organizations in establishing policies and procedures to ensure data integrity and compliance.

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