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Qumulo specializes in providing software and hardware solutions for data storage and management. The company was founded in 2012. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Qumulo has quickly established itself as a leading player in the IT industry.

Qumulo offers a range of software and hardware products designed to help organizations effectively store, manage, and analyze their data. Their flagship product, Qumulo File Fabric (QF2), is a scalable file storage system that enables businesses to efficiently store and access their data across on-premises and cloud environments. QF2 provides advanced features such as real-time analytics, data replication, and data protection, making it an ideal solution for enterprises with large and complex data storage needs.

In terms of hardware, Qumulo offers the Qumulo P-Series, a high-performance storage platform that combines industry-leading hardware components with QF2 software. The P-Series is designed to deliver exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability, making it suitable for demanding workloads such as video editing, scientific research, and genomics.

Qumulo specializes in various technology types, including distributed file systems, cloud computing, and data analytics. Their expertise lies in developing solutions that can handle massive amounts of data, ensuring high performance, scalability, and data protection. By leveraging their deep understanding of these technologies, Qumulo is able to provide organizations with the tools they need to effectively manage and derive insights from their data, ultimately driving business growth and innovation.

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