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Splunk® offers the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. Operational Intelligence is the outcome of what Splunk do best—turning machine data into insights no matter what business you may be in.

Splunk® products deliver visibility and insights for IT and the business. As part of its mission in making machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone, it particularly provides products such as the Splunk® Enterprise, Splunk® Cloud, Splunk® Light, Hunk, and a myriad of apps and add-ons that are both Splunk® and community developed.

Splunk® also has a portfolio of Premium Solutions which includes the Splunk® IT Service Intelligence, Splunk® Enterprise Security, and the Splunk® User Behavior Analytics. Other solutions provided by Splunk® are in the areas of Infrastructure and IT Operations Application Delivery, Security and Compliance, Business Analytics, and Industrial Data and Internet of Things.

Splunk® has a customer count of 11,000 and has 2,100 employees worldwide. It is Headquartered in San Francisco. Splunk® has several other office locations across the Americas and internationally, particularly in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, and Australia.


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