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Toshiba is a renowned IT vendor that was founded in 1875 in Tokyo, Japan. With over a century of experience, Toshiba has established itself as a leading provider of innovative technology solutions.

Toshiba offers a wide range of software and hardware products to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Their software offerings include operating systems, productivity tools, security solutions, and enterprise software for various industries. On the hardware front, Toshiba provides laptops, desktop computers, tablets, printers, storage devices, and networking equipment. Their products are known for their reliability, performance, and cutting-edge features.

When it comes to technology types, Toshiba specializes in several areas. They have expertise in advanced computing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing. Additionally, Toshiba is known for their expertise in energy systems, including power generation, transmission, and storage solutions. They also excel in the field of medical imaging technology, offering state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and solutions. With their diverse range of specializations, Toshiba continues to push the boundaries of technology and deliver innovative solutions to their customers.

Toshiba provides products & solutions in the following technology categories.